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Childhood illnesses

Childhood asthma. Causes and treatments

There is no doubt that asthma is genetically determined, but the risk factors that determine when and in what way asthma develops are still under investigation. Age, childhood allergy and viral or bacterial processes that affect the respiratory tract can act as triggers in some cases.
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A mother explains what a child with autism really feels

Eva León is a psychologist and mother of a child with autism. His day to day is tough, but very rewarding. And he does not hesitate to share his testimony of his day to day. Having a child with autism fills the lives of parents with constant tests, but also with wonderful gifts. Eva wanted to share with everyone, through her Facebook wall, the reality of a child with autism.
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Roald Dahl's Letter That Those Who Doubt Whether To Vaccinate Children Should Read

Roald Dahl was one of my favorite childhood writers. Their stories took me to a wonderful world in which witches meet in secret, in which little beings make chocolate and in which girls have the super power to move things with their minds, although their children's stories (& 34; Matilda & 34 ;, & 34; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory & 34; or & 34; James and the Giant Peach & 34;) also have a slightly dark side, their stories made me imagine, laugh and dream, and it may be because that this message from Roald Dahl has seemed so painful to me.
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Desserts and sweets

Ideas for decorating Easter cookies

Proposals for decorating cookies for children's Easter Sunday See Gingerbread cookies in the shape of Easter rabbits, very simple to make, and that you can prepare with your children at home and offer them to your guests at Easter parties. Easter bunny cookies decorated with bows and caramel or anise pearls.
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Relationship of couple

International Women's Day 2018: fighting for gender equality is an emergency

Every March 8, International Women's Day is celebrated, previously called Working Women's Day. Fortunately, the tag & 34; worker & 34; has been removed. That is really redundant. Far from feminisms, politicized messages, demagoguery and other philias and phobias that this day awakens, there is a basic message that is vital to transmit to the new generations: fighting for gender equality is an emergency.
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