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Children's crafts for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is an ideal time to teach children the value of love and how good it is to transmit and give affection to others. What's more, children can also celebrate February 14 and for this on our site we propose you to make some original and easy-to-do children's crafts, they are handmade crafts.
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Differences in the poops of the breast or bottle fed baby

Newborn feces (appearance, frequency, characteristics ...) often steal the attention of parents, especially if they are newborns: color, texture, intensity ... Next we will talk about the stools of newborns when they are fed breast or bottle. Are there differences between those who drink formula milk and those who eat breast milk?
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Be mothers and fathers

The magic recipe for a good relationship between parents and children

Talking about a relationship (whether in a couple, family, mother-son or father-son, grandparents-grandchildren, etc.) involves taking into account a series of words and verbs. If these are not taken into account, the relationship will not be fluid. In this way, we can talk about a magic recipe to achieve a good relationship between parents and children that consists of a series of ingredients in the form of words.
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Infant nutrition

Infant feeding

A good diet is vital for the child to grow up healthy and strong. Eating well affects not only their physical growth, but also their intellectual development.A correct feeding of the child during the first years of life can positively affect their health, as well as their ability to learn, communicate with others, think and rationalize, socialize, adapt to new environments and people and, above all, in their school performance.
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My son hits me when he gets angry, what should I do?

There is often a lot of talk about the abuse of parents towards their children, but on less occasions, the issue is discussed when it happens the other way around, when it is the children who physically or verbally attack the parents.In these cases, the victim is usually the mother and it generally does not occur because the family is unstructured, the parents are too authoritarian or have low purchasing power.
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