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What can you do as a parent of a child who finds it difficult to make friends

One of our main concerns as parents is that our children manage to relate positively with their peers, integrate and function properly in a group and that they discover little by little what it means to have a friend. But there are some children who have a hard time making friends. How can parents help them to learn to socialize and build relationships among equals?
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Down's Syndrome

The great life lessons of a Down syndrome girl to her father

Rewriting about my days with Lucia, a Down syndrome girl, goes back to when I still couldn't understand why these things happened to me, because I couldn't have a normal daughter. Yes, it is common, because to me. I remember the deep sadness of thinking about his limitations, in his daily struggle, in his failures, which, ultimately, would be mine until he smiled at me.
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Santos - Biblical

Names of saint of December to print and color

Print for free the name of the saint you like the most of the month of December VerNatividad is a name for a girl of Latin origin that means & 39; birth & 39;, and is a very frequent name in girls who are born during Christmas. They are generally known as Nati. He celebrates his name day on December 25, which is when the Nativity or the birth of Jesus is commemorated.
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Skin care

Herpes zoster in children. 5 questions about the shingles virus

Herpes zoster, also known as & 39; shingles & 39 ;, is due to a reactivation of the varicella-zoster virus. It consists of an infection that characteristically affects a nervous region and that can be painful. It can affect anyone who has had chickenpox previously and, although its incidence may be mild in children, it increases in those who had it during the first year of life.
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