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The rook that got distracted. Funny short stories with rhyme for children

In we love the short stories with rhyme as they are a fabulous resource for children to learn while having fun. This time we propose the story entitled "The rook that got distracted" that will make your children laugh a lot and will introduce them to an animal that is surely unknown to them: the rook. In addition, we propose some questions that will help you evaluate their ability to understand what they read. Go for the story!

By the sky a black rook was flying low, and he thought he heard someone shout from below:

- Where are you going rook friend ?!

And the bird was distracted, falling like a rag in a garlic garden and, of course, face down.

He saw at the moment that the one who spoke was a beetle, a little tadpole and with a lot of self-confidence.

- Hello rook! Hello rook! - greeted the beetle.

The rook got up with a lot of work, between heads of garlic, and his two wings were all covered with weeds, as if he were scourer.

- Oh, poor me! Shit! - scream a worm underneath, coughing up a foam.

The rook fell on him and was like a rag.

A jay saw it all!

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Have your children understood what the story is about? Are they able to understand what they read? Check it out by asking them some questions about the story. If they haven't been paying enough attention to be able to answer them, you can re-read and enjoy the rhymes again. They are questions of 'true and false'.

1. The rook was jumping when he heard a call to him.

2. The bird fell into a garlic garden.

3. It was stained with everything that was on the floor of the garden: weeds, garlic ...

4. Bad luck led him to fall on a poor worm.

'Mom, Dad, and what are rooks?' This is the first thing your children will ask you when you read this beautiful story. This rhymed story introduce children to an animal they probably don't know, the rook.

The more and better children know the world around them, the more willing they will be to respect and care for it. In this sense, stories featuring animals or living beings, in general, play a very important role, and that is that they promote love and respect for nature.

It is the ideal time to tell him some curiosities about this animal and, incidentally, stimulate his curiosity to learn more and more. Then we collect some curious facts about this bird so particular.

- The rook is a bird that has dark feathers and a whitish beak. It has hardly any feathers in the area closest to the beak. It is common in Europe, where in some areas it is known as a graja.

- Rooks are often confused with crows, because they are similar. However, they differ in size and bill.

- Rooks are very intelligent birds and they learn very quickly about what they see and experience. There are some birds that, for example, stand at the traffic lights in the streets and throw nuts on the road for cars to run over them and, in this way, be able to eat the fruit inside. So clever!

- There are several popular sayings that name this bird. One of them is 'When the rook flies low, it's fucking cold'. But this has led to others such as 'When the rook goes up, you can't see a single cloud' or 'When the rook flies low, don't take off your petticoat'. And it is that popular wisdom says that the flight of this bird can help you predict the weather.

Since We invite you to continue fostering the love for fauna and flora by reading more animal stories to your children. Enjoy them a lot!

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