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What to do when faced with childhood poisoning

What to do when faced with childhood poisoning

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That a child gets intoxicated is not a dish of good taste. Suffer a poisoning By ingesting a cleaning product, a food in poor condition or contact with bacteria in children's gadgets can be very unpleasant for both the baby and the parents.

Before losing our nerves when one of our children has a problem of this type, we have to know what to do and how to behave to help him so that the health problem does not go away.

- Food poisoning:spoiled food could cause an infection in children. So that this does not happen, in addition to making sure that everything they eat is in perfect condition, it is also advisable to know that there are bacteria in meat or fish that could make them feel bad.

- Cleaning product poisoning:Children are extremely curious, and every element around them can pose great danger. A cleaning product, a cosmetic, even a body lotion or a cologne could be susceptible to being tried by our children. So that children do not get intoxicated, it is advisable to keep all these products out of their sight as much as possible.

- Bacterial poisoning:young children put everything in their mouth, and this can lead to poisoning problems, so it is always advisable to constantly monitor them and avoid putting anything in their mouth.

Although it seems obvious, the worst thing we can do when a child has suffered intoxication It's losing your temper or setting up a drama It is true that it is something dangerous and that it can make us fear, but if we allow ourselves to be carried away by the lack of calm, we will also make the child nervous and it could worsen his health.

It is not good that we force them to vomit so that they expel what has hurt them, since it could cause just the opposite effect that we want. Nor should we give him medicines without knowing exactly what he has eaten or put in his mouth in a specific way. The best in these cases istake you to a medical consultation and have your symptoms evaluated by a professional. If the symptoms are severe and the poisoning can be severe, don't hesitate to call the emergency room.

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