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The goblins and Saint Patrick. Irish folk tale

Every March 17 the feast of Saint Patrick is celebrated, an Irish holiday that has crossed borders and is celebrated today in many parts of the world.

In We tell you why in Ireland Saint Patrick, the patron of Ireland, is related to the green goblins. This is the traditional Irish legend.

Legend has it that St. PatrickPatron of the Irish after founding his first church, he invited all non-believers to join Christianity. Saint Patrick performed various miracles and then all the pagans began to join the church.

While, the druids, who were the priests of the pagan gods, they thought of starting a plan so that all their followers would return to them and stop following Saint Patrick.

It was then that the druids summoned the goblins and sent a large troop of them to the church of St. Patrick to make life impossible for the monk.

The little goblins then began to do their thing and they played pranks and tricks on the parishioners who came to St. Patrick's Church. They made so many blunders that the Christians began to complain that they would not let them pray and suffered countless excesses in the temple.

At that moment, Saint Patrick decided to confront them, knowing that it was the work of the Druids. Thus it was that the monk confronted them with the following words: 'In the name of Almighty God I expel you, impure spirits.'

These few words served to get St. Patrick to expel the goblins from the church, and with them he got the Druids to stop bothering the new parishioners.

Since then and to this day the image of Saint Patrick is used to ward off the goblins and prevent them from continuing to do their thing.

1. Who is the patron saint of the Irish?

2. Why did the Druids want their followers not to be in St. Patrick's Church?

3. Who did the Druids ask for help?

4. What did Saint Patrick do to expel the goblins?

5. Did you like the story?

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