Cereals in baby food

The baby diet it is one of the most important concerns of parents. Once it is time to wean and gradually abandon breastfeeding, there is also the question of what type of food to give and how often.

The cereals They are one of the first food groups given to the baby, due to their nutritional richness in carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber, essential for the growth and development of the little one.

According to him National Institute of Pediatrics of Mexico (INP), cereals should be introduced into the baby's diet from the sixth or seventh month of life, along with two other food groups, vegetables and fruits.

Regarding the amounts and frequency, experts recommend starting the first month with one or two tablespoons once or twice a day, and if possible in the morning to develop the habit of breakfast.

From the eighth month the number of cerelaes will increase Let him take the baby and, when he is one year old, he will be able to drink a quarter cup a day. It should not be forgotten that breastfeeding or formula is still continuing at this age. For this reason, it is best to start by mixing the cereals with the milk and give them in the bottle, and later they can be given as a porridge.

Whenever a new food In the baby's diet, INP experts recommend giving it in a single way for three days to check the child's tolerance.

The first cereals should not contain gluten, for example rice or corn. From the eighth or ninth month, those with gluten can also occur, such as wheat, oats, barley and rye.


  • National Institute of Pediatrics of Mexico

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