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Foreign bodies in the child's eye, nose, or ear

Foreign bodies in the child's eye, nose, or ear

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I will never forget the desperate cries of a child, which came from the pediatrician's office, while my daughter and I waited our turn in the waiting room. Their shrieks made us all goosebumps.

Poor thing, it seemed that they were torturing him ... When the boy left the office he already looked more relieved. They had removed a plant leaf that he had stuck in his nose.

Children can stick anything, a leaf, a breadcrumb, or a simple ball up their nose or ear. Many times, it is something accidental, as with eyelashes, insects or the fluff of a flower, but at other times, they do it by playing as if it were an experiment. That is why we must always prevent young children from having access to small objects.

It is very common, especially on windy and airy days, for something to get into children's eyes, a leaf, a mosquito, an eyelash ... The child will complain, his eye will float and he will cry. What to do in these cases? Well, the best thing is to stay calm, ask the child to blink, to move his eyes to the right and left, up and down.

If you see what bothers you, you can remove it with a handkerchief, if you don't see it, you have to lift the eyelid to remove it. Most of the time, what bothers the child comes out without the need to intervene.

If the child complains of a certain restlessness in the ear, which prevents him from even hearing well, he may have something in the ear. If it is something soft, it is best to put your ear up and pour a little warm water. The foreign body will probably float and you can remove it. However, if it is something hard, do not try to remove it because you can damage your eardrum. It is best to take him to the doctor.

If, for no apparent reason, the child begins to bleed from the nose and rubs it many times and you notice that his cold smells bad, the little one may have something inside his nose. In this case, you should ask the child to blow his nose very loud, first on one side and then on the other.

If the symptoms do not pass, it is best to take him to the doctor. You should never insert a forceps, a cotton swab, or your finger to try to see what's inside or to remove it from the nose.

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