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The ants strike. Short and funny stories for children

The short stories They stimulate children's curiosity. They are open windows for worlds that can be explored, they are new opportunities to discover unknown universes, they are synonymous with fun ... Here we propose "The ants strike", a children's story that will not leave children indifferent. In addition, we propose some reading comprehension activities.

All the ants complained about the bad treatment they were receiving and decided, by mutual agreement, stop working.

- I will not take pipes to the anthill again - said the bigger one angrily.

- I refuse to work longer hours - said the smallest.

- That they do not count on me to transport neither crumbs, nor leaves - said the medium ant.

And so, little by little, all the ants went on strike ceasing to clean and feed the anthill queen mother.

Two days passed and the queen decided to call the worker ants to talk to them, and thus find out what was happening.

- We need to rest a little while during the working day. When night comes we are exhausted - said the first.

The queen ant went to say something, but decided to let them speak until the end.

- We need sleep more hours in a row - He continued speaking.

"We want an hour to eat," said another red ant this time.

- It would be nice to have a nursery in the anthill to take care of our little ants while we work - they said - while they looked at each other nodding their heads.

"And have time to take care of our older ants," said the third one vehemently.

The queen ant replied:

- Tonight you will have an answer to all your requests, - and she retired very seriously to her rooms.

He immediately sent for the ant boss And since she was ignorant of everything the ants had told her, she told him very angrily:

- Is everything the workers told me true? Is it true that they do not rest to sleep and eat? Is it true that they do not have time to take care of their children and the elderly if they need it?

The chief ant protested contemptuously:

- The more time they have, the more they wander!

The queen looked at him without saying anything.

He had always heard that worker ants were hard workers. If she were a worker, she would like to have time to spend with her family and rest.

He decided to kick out the boss ant and he acceded to everything the workers had asked of him.

From that day on, the queen mother was much more attentive to the needs of her ants. Inside the anthill, good humor began to reign, he always appeared clean and cared for and there was never a lack of food, because the workers worked happy and grateful.

The route of this children's story can be broader if you take advantage of the story you have read to work on reading. Therefore, we propose some questions of 'true or false' which will help you to review what you have read as a reading comprehension activity.

1. The ants were angry because their work tools had broken down.

2. The queen ant did not want to hear everything her workers had to say to her.

3. The little ants complained of not being able to get enough sleep at night and of being very tired.

4. The chief ant told the queen that the workers were very lazy.

5. The queen decided to fire the chief ant because she did not agree with his way of running the anthill.

6. Nothing changed in the anthill and they all remained equally sad and angry.

This story is also the perfect excuse to encourage your children's curiosity about the world around them. Take the opportunity to investigate together how ant hills work, what different types of ants exist, how they work ... And after having learned so much about ants, you will love to continue reading these three stories, which also feature these little beings.

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