First aid

Videos to learn how to heal wounds, bleeds and burns

Videos to learn how to heal wounds, bleeds and burns

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Children like to play, run around and touch everything, so it is normal to get wounds or burns mainly in arms and legs. What should we do when our child is injured or burned by a heat source?

It is very important to know a little first aid to clean and heal a wound well, to avoid infection and to know how to assess whether it is serious enough to call the emergency room. In these Red Cross expert videos They teach us how to heal wounds, bleeds and burns with practical videos, and they offer us tips to take care of our children.

The frenetic activity of children causes them to suffer various types of accidents, therefore, on our site We show you 10 first aid videos to learn how to clean wounds, stop bleeding and heal burns. They are videos that will answer parents' questions about how to care for children's wounds.

How to stop a bleeding. In this video on our site, we show you how to heal a wound when there is mild or severe bleeding. Vega Orozco, an expert in First Aid from the Red Cross Health and Relief Department, teaches us how to clean, stop or stop bleeding in children.

How to know if a wound is infected. What does a wound or burn look like when infected. The doctor explains to parents how to know if the wound of our children has been infected, how to prevent it and what to do to heal it. With this video you can learn how to act in the face of a possible injury suffered by the child.

Errors when healing a wound. How to heal a wound. Do you know what you should never do when treating a wound or burn in a child? Find out with Dr. Juan Jesús Hernández, from the Red Cross, what are the most frequent mistakes parents make when this type of accident occurs.

What should the home medicine cabinet have. This is what a home medicine cabinet should have to cure your child. With the advice in this video on our site, you will know what you need to have in your home medicine cabinet and where you should keep it to be able to use it in case of emergency or child accident. We learn first aid.

How to heal a burn. Learn how to heal a burn in children, step by step, with this video from our site. How we parents should act when our child has been burned by accident. Vega Orozco, an expert in First Aid for the Red Cross, teaches us how to heal a burn.

Heal a wound at home. How can we heal a deep wound at home or stop a hemorrhage until medical assistance arrives? Juan Jesús Hernández, head of the health plan of the Red Cross Health and Relief Department, teaches us the protocol and the steps to follow in the event of an injury and bleeding. Tips for child care and first aid

What are antiseptics for? We talked about the role of antiseptics in healing a child's wound. Dr. Juan Hernández teaches us to heal the wounds and burns of children. We learn first aid to know how to act in case of bleeding or injury.

When a wound needs stitches. All children's wounds are not the same and have different characteristics. How can we know if a wound needs stitches and the child needs to be taken to the hospital? With the advice of Dr. Juan Jesús Hernández, from the Red Cross, you will be able to distinguish which wounds require stitches to rush to the hospital.

Distinguish minor and severe burns. How to know if burns are minor or severe. Burns in children often occur at home, so Dr. Juan Jesús Hernández tells us what to do and when to go home because the wound can get complicated or hurt a lot.

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Video: 10 First Aid Mistakes Explained by a Professional (July 2022).


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