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Poisoning. First aid to children

Poisoning. First aid to children

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The most common poisons At the hand of children and babies are bleach, herbicides and plants such as berries, lilies, daffodils and mushrooms. Medications and chemicals should be left in their original containers and always out of the reach of children.

A child who has taken a poisonous substance may present burns around the mouth and it is common for you to feel nauseous and vomit or have diarrhea. We tell you what to do in case of poisoning of a child.

At first, the symptoms of poisoning can be mistaken for a stomach virusSince the child will complain of abdominal pain and will have nausea and vomiting, although it all depends on the type of poisoning that is.

In the case of poisonings by chemicals, the child will complain of acute stomach pain, burning, drowsiness and may also present a picture of vomiting.

In the case of poisoning for bad food, dehydration of the child can occur, due to an acute picture of vomiting and diarrhea.

Pay attention to these tips regarding a child poisoning case:

- The first thing to do is remove the victim from the poison. If the poison is in solid form, such as pills, do not try to remove them from your mouth because you can force the poison further down your throat.

- If the poison is a gas, you may need a respirator to protect yourself. After you've checked the area first for your safety, remove the victim from the area and take it to fresh air.

- If the poison is corrosive to the skin, remove clothing from affected area and wash with water for 30 minutes. Take the poison container or label with you when seeking medical help, because you will need to answer questions about the poison.

- Stay calm and follow those instructions. If poison comes into contact with the eyes, flush the victim's eyes for a minimum of 15 minutes with clean water.

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