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Basic baby kit

Basic baby kit

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Many parents when their babies are born are a bit lost when it comes to knowing what first aid and emergency supplies they need for the baby.newborn.

Some families choose to buy a first-aid kit with all the necessary material, while others prefer to have their own products depending on the age and needs of their baby. Here are some tips for have your own medicine cabinet of emergency.

It is highly recommended to have in the medicine cabinet the numbers of emergency phoneFor example, the number of the nearest medical center, the numbers of the police and fire department and the number of the national poison center.

You can also include your phone number if you have a babysitter. Of course, also write down the phone number of other family members and the dads work in case the caregiver does not find them on their private number.

Although it is essential to consult the pediatrician when it comes to medicating the baby, there are some drugs that should be kept in your child's medicine cabinet. For example, for children under three months it is advisable to have seemtamol in drops prepared for babies. Up to three years of age, ibuprofen and ipecac syrup are also recommended, which induces vomiting in case of poisoning, but before consulting the national poison control center.

It is also recommended to include in the kit sunscreen cream, 90% alcohol, antibiotic ointment for wounds, 0.5% hydrocostisone cream for chafing such as diaper rashes and insect bites. The application of corticosteroids should always be monitored by the pediatrician.

In addition to drugs, there are other products that can be added to the baby's medicine cabinet. It is the case of a thermometer, plasters, bandages and sterile gauze, tweezers, scissors adapted for the cuticles and a nasal aspirator for the snot.

Be careful with the expired drugs, jars without a safety cap for children, prescription drugs for other members of the family, antihistamines, laxatives and other products not indicated for the baby. They should never be included in your child's medicine cabinet and should be kept out of reach.

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