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Why a popcorn can kill a child

Why a popcorn can kill a child

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If there is something that children like when they go to the movies or sit in front of the television to watch a movie, it is to be able to get their hands on a lot of popcorn. However, depending on the age of the child, it can be very dangerous. The story of little Mirranda, just 2 years old, serves as a wake-up call for all parents.

Alison, a mother of a large family, was enjoying her birthday. At his party, of course, were his four children. The youngest, Mirranda, was only two years old. It was a very normal birthday party, with his chips, his sodas ... and his popcorn, the star of all parties where there are children.

Mirranda could not resist the temptation and ate popcorn, with such bad luck that one of them stayed lodged in her windpipe. The little girl could not breathe, and despite the fact that her parents tried to resuscitate her and called the emergency services, she died in hospital.

From there they informed the parents that it was not the first case. Child choking from popcorn is more common than we'd like. The recommendation is to forbid them to babies and to exercise extreme caution in children. The most dangerous age group and in which more cases of choking occur is from 0 to 4 years.

But doctors also warn that there are other foods that cause many cases of suffocation in children, such as grapes, hard candies, olives or sausages.

If your child (over one year old) chokes, he will probably start coughing. Let him cough and even if you are tempted to do it, don't hit him on the back, because you could make the situation worse. In the event that he alone cannot get rid of what is preventing him from breathing normally, you should do this maneuver (after calling the emergency services):

- Leaning forward or lying on your knees, give him five taps between the shoulder blades (upper area, between the shoulder blades).

- Locate where the ribs end and where the navel begins. We stand from behind and hugging him from behind, we locate this point with our fist, and press five times slightly upwards and inwards to increase pressure on the rib cage.

- Search your mouth for the object that is preventing you from breathing and if it is within reach, remove it. If it is not easily removable, don't try it.

- Repeat the sequence of five blows in the scapular area and five pressures between the ribs.

- If he loses consciousness, lay him on his back, cover his nose and do five vents.

- Press in the center of the sternum 15 times.

- Repeat until emergency services arrive.

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