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Mr. Rabbit's non-choice. A tale about envy and jealousy

The jealousy and envy They are emotions that often cannot be avoided and that are shown equally in adults and children. So that the little one understands them, understands them and, above all, to be able to work on them with him, why not give him a very graphic example through the story of a short story?

Mr. Rabbit's no choice tells the story of a very wise rabbit who knows that living in an environment where competitiveness prevails only leads to generate more jealousy and envy and, also, a lot of frustration. Do you want to know its history? Discover how this nice character copes with such negative and quite frequent emotions in children from 3 years of age.

He farmer rabbit Just moved. With bones aching from years of work, digging up the best carrots in the region, he knew that the time had come for a well-deserved long rest.

On the advice of Dr. Lion, he had looked for a sunny little town south of the Great Island. Now that would be his new home where he could start from scratch in a new burrow.

He had always heard that the Southerners were very warm and friendly. And Mr. Rabbit didn't have any fear of making new friends. Upon his arrival, he was received by Mayor Horse, who explained some rules of coexistence.

As he approached his new home, he discovered some cupcakes from Mrs. Goose with an invitation to her house to introduce her to her family. And when he was about to unpack the first of the boxes, he had to attend to Mr. Spider who was trying to sign him up for his book club.

He Mr. Rabbit He was very happy with so much entertainment and good reception, but soon things started to go wrong. The poor rabbit noticed how his new neighbors got angry and fought among themselves, because they all wanted to be the first to win his friendship.

His small mailbox received dozens of business and invitation cards and at every step he tried to take in the town he was stopped by a citizen to be convinced of something.

Harmony in the village was coming to an end. Envy began to arise and everyone lied to each other. Suspicion and jealousy reigned in every corner. The competition was about to start a real war.

It was thus that, one morning, the Mr. Rabbit He shut himself up at home for almost two days and did not stop cooking different dishes. On the third day, he finally came out of his burrow and improvised a great banquet in the town square for all his neighbors in order to show his affection for everyone without showing, in any case, his preferences.

And, Mr. Rabbit knew perfectly well that the competition to always be the first can create frustration and make the ghosts of envy and jealousy appear.

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