Twins: together or apart at school?

Ana and Clara as well as Álvaro and Jorge are twin brothers, my son's classmates at school, but, even taking the same course, they study in different classes.

Have you ever wondered why they separate them? What seems strange, has its explanation. What is sought with this is that each one can develop individually as a person and as a student.

I think that the great challenge of parents in the education of twin children is to achieve precisely that, that each of their children is a full and complete individual in their capacities or qualities, without any comparisons or complementarities.

Currently, in schools twins are separated into different classes so that each one separately has their own group of friends, and can develop their personality and social skills without comparison, because sometimes it can happen that one of them acts as a leader and the other as a follower, or show rivalry in the school environment, as can happen between siblings of different ages.

The same is true in the homes of twin children. Those of you who have twins are sure that you have developed certain strategies to ensure that each of your children has a unique and different relationship with you, with friends, classmates, and with other siblings.

As I have spoken with my friend Tatiana (two of her children are twins), the secret is to treat them like the rest of her children who share a family, room, tastes, but who are different in age, physique and personality, for this it is important avoid that they always dress in the same way, have the same toys or have the same treatment, that they learn to share and develop their own personality.

Our performance should respond to the education of any two brothers who share the same day to celebrate their birthdays.

Patro Gabaldon. Copywriter

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