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Tips for getting pregnant with a girl

Many couples are excited about having a girl in the family or getting pregnant with a girl. However, choosing the sex of the baby and making it a safe bet is still a privilege of science, since only through genetic laboratory analysis can it be possible to select the sex of the future baby.

However, this selection must be natural and it is prohibited by law to select the sex of the baby for reasons other than medical. Between the tips for getting pregnant with a girl the recommendations of the Shettles method.

Among the tricks to get pregnant with a girl is the Shettles method, which recommends scheduling sexual intercourse 5 to 3 days before ovulation and then abstaining until ovulation has passed, since with a new batch of male sperm, which they are faster, one of them could fertilize the ovum before the female ones.

This method of selecting the sex of the baby and getting pregnant with a girl has a 75 percent chance of success, as long as the exact day of ovulation is correct and there are no other factors that may alter the result. This method is based on the programming of sexual intercourse, according to the woman's cycle to have a better chance of conceiving a girl.

The sex of the baby is decided by the man. Sperm that carry the Y or male chromosomes move faster, but are smaller, delicate, and weaker. Therefore, they live less time than the X or female sperm that give rise to a girl. The Xs are slower, but more resistant because they are larger, therefore they can survive longer inside the female genital tract before reaching the ovum to fertilize it.

The key, and also the most difficult thing, is to know exactly when ovulation occurs in the woman's cycle to be successful and get pregnant with a girl. To do this, you can take your body temperature every day To calculate the time of ovulation, use an ovulation prediction kit or use our ovulation calculator.

  1. If you want to have a girl: You must schedule sexual intercourse 5 to 3 days before ovulation. The sexual act must be carried out in a position that does not allow a very deep penetration so that fertilization is slower. The man can take a hot bath before intercourse to give him an advantage.X sperm that tolerate heat better.
  2. The choice of the baby's sex is also influenced by other factors such as lthe temperature of the testicles and the pH of the woman's vaginal discharge. Y sperm are more sensitive to heat than X sperm, and if you want to give female sperm an advantage to get pregnant with a girl, your partner should not worry about wearing tight clothes or spending too many hours sitting, since a little heating of the scrotum It could benefit you, if you want to have a girl.
  3. The pH of vaginal discharge, a liquid that serves as a vehicle for sperm to travel through the vagina in search of the ovum to fertilize it, also influences the selection of sperm to choose the sex of the baby and get pregnant with a girl. X sperm are more likely to survive than Y sperm in a vaginal discharge with an acidic or more acidic pH than normal.

And, in the same way that there are tricks to have a female baby, there are alsotricks to get pregnant with a boy or a boy.

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