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Restlessness. A curious children's story with a happy ending

This children's story contains a lesson for children, but many adults should also listen to its moral. Sometimes we worry so much about what could happen to us that we stop acting with common sense. We live in terror of what could happen and we forget to enjoy what is already happening. "Restlessness" is a children's story with a beautiful happy ending who talks about it. Do not miss it!

After the story we propose some reading comprehension questions to check that your child has understood the story.

- What will become of us! - They said, looking at each other.

The turkey turned around and began to cry. The lamb lowered its head and covered it with its legs. The pig growled loudly and went very sad to the mud pool. The duck was the only one who was thoughtful looking for a solution.

- Let's not lose hope - he said trying to encourage his friends.

- It may be difficult, but not impossible - I continue talking.

Then the muddy pig sat next to him waiting for him to speak; the lamb raised its head showing interest, and the turkey, in its corner, continued to cry.

"We have to convince the farmers that moving to another place is not a good idea," said the duck.

- How! They will not listen to us! - They shouted desperately speaking all at once.

- I don't want to end my days off this farm - said the pig.

- I don't want to leave here ... - said the turkey hiccupping without being able to finish the sentence.

- They will separate us! - said the lamb, curling into a ball.

- Let's think! - Said the duck stretching his wings inviting them to come closer to him.

The four animals clinging to each other, made a circle and they began to spin one way and another, as they always did when something worried them.

When the farmers arrived and saw the animals circling, they understood their uneasiness, and they stroked them while speaking soothing words to them.

Night came and no one slept knowing that, in a few hours, they would be taken away from the place where they had been born.

At dawn, two men they had never seen before grabbed the animals and They were putting them in a truck.

During the trip the turkey cried, cried and cried; the lamb, wanting to disappear from the world, hid its head even more between its legs; the pig was so sad that it could not even growl; the duck, although he was restless, was the only one who remained standing, and he stretched when he was able to look at the landscape through a small window.

At last they reached their destination. The two men opened the truck doors for them to get out. The turkey, without even knowing it, remained crying inside the truck; the lamb did not come out either, still with its head covered under its legs; the pig glanced sideways, and took a few steps towards the door without daring to leave. The duck was the only one who jumped up and immediately went down outside.

The farmers were waiting for them in their new home.

- Look, this place is beautiful! - he yelled - encouraging his friends to get out of the truck.

One by one they appeared, and seeing the farmers there, smiling, they understood that they had worried without reason and had suffered a lot without need.

They had moved to a very beautiful place and they would all remain united.

Ask your children these reading comprehension questions to see if they understand what the story is about.

1. What are the animals in this story so afraid of?

2. What did the farmers do when they saw you so nervous?

3. Where did they take them in the end?

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