Almond cheese. Recipes with calcium for children

Almond cheese. Recipes with calcium for children

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Cheese is a food made from the milk of cows, goats, sheep or other ruminant mammals. exist hundreds of different varieties of cheese, we will make almond cheese.

The different flavors of cheese are due to the levels of cream, the curing time, the breeds of animals from which it comes or the bacteria and molds involved.

It is a product especially indicated in the diet of children due to its high content of calcium and phosphorus. However, its high fat content does not make it suitable for people with cardiovascular problems. It is recommended that children eat pasteurized cheese, as well as pregnant women.

This recipe is simple, without probiotics and without the need to ferment.

  • 2 cups of almonds
  • ½ - 1 cup of water
  • 1-2 lemons
  • 2 tablespoons nutritional yeast
  • Salt
  • spices

advice: you can serve it with chopped chives on top, it is delicious!

1. Put the almonds in a container, cover them with cold water, cover with a transparent film and leave to soak in the fridge overnight.

Note: Walnuts are soaked to neutralize enzyme inhibitors and facilitate digestion and protein absorption. For those who want their almonds peeled but remaining RAW (alive): Soaked almonds can be peeled. It is not easy, but with the help of a knife. Those who don't care if their cheese is RAW can peel the almonds in boiling water.

2. Drain the almonds. Put them in the blender or food processor and add water (start with less water and if necessary you can add more water little by little). Add the remaining ingredients. Blend or process until you get the desired consistency. You can taste it and add more seasonings, nutritional yeast, or lemon if you like.

3. Store in the fridge in a container with a cup.

4.Enjoy. Bon Appetite!

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