Urine infection in pregnancy

Urine infection in pregnancy

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Within the term urine infection, different infections in any section of the urinary tract are not usually included: it can affect the kidneys, ureters, or even the bladder.

The infection occurs when a bacterium penetrates from the skin, vagina, or anus to the urethra and travels upward, the infection can reach the bladder, ureters, or kidneys.

One of the most common complaints during pregnancy is urinary tract infections. Changes occur that make the pregnant woman more prone to urinary tract infections, since bacteria have more time to grow. The changes are as follows:

During pregnancy, the high level of progesterone relaxes the muscle tone of the ureters (tubes that connect the kidneys with the bladder) and this causes them to dilate and the flow of urine is slower. In addition, when the uterus grows, it can compress the ureters, making it difficult for urine to pass.

The bladder also loses its muscle tone during pregnancy, making it more difficult to empty it completely.

The most common urine infection symptoms are:

- Pain, burning during urination.

- Suprapubic discomfort.

- Frequent need to urinate, even when there is very little urine in the bladder.

- Cloudy urine.

- Fever, general malaise, fatigue or vomiting are symptoms of pyelonephritis, meaning that the infection has reached the kidney. And it is more serious.

To prevent and treat urine infections during pregnancy we can take simple care in our day to day:

- Drink a lot of water.

- Carry out the hygiene of the genital area from the vagina to the no to avoid contamination by fecal bacteria.

- Empty the bladder after having sex.

- Avoid potentially irritating feminine hygiene products, excessive genital washing, freezes or soaps can eliminate our natural flora.

- Take foods rich in vitamin C to acidify the urine. The American cranberry has been shown in different studies to both prevent and be effective in the treatment of cystitis.

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