How to remove the pacifier from the baby

The pacifier fulfills the function of calming or reassuring the baby by satisfying his sucking reflex. Removing the pacifier from the baby takes time and patience. The pacifier has numerous benefits during the first stage of the baby's development, including, as some studies have revealed, the prevention of sudden infant death. However, the pacifier should never be offered too early, that is, never before the month or month and a half of life, until breastfeeding is well established.

However, it is important that the pacifier is not removed too late, that is, beyond 3 years of age. In the short term it does not create any difficulties in their development, but the continued use of the pacifier creates a habit and the more they use it the more they want it. It is recommended that from the year and a half, babies start using the pacifier only to sleep, since from the year or a year and a half, the natural need to suck of children decreases, as they gain autonomy and independence. At this stage, babies go through an intense process of evolution towards higher development, they are more active in general, but the pacifier continues to be a tool to help them relax.

At two years of age, the child uses the pacifier as a sucking toy. Forgetting about the pacifier before the age of 2, will prevent the baby from using the fingers as a replacement element. The general recommendation of pediatricians is that the baby leave the pacifier before 3 years of age, that is, before school or Early Childhood Education begins.

1. Swap the pacifier for sippy cups, which promote the development of hand-eye coordination and help break the pacifier habit.

2. Talk to the child and remind him that he is old, that he is going to school and that he does not need a pacifier.

3. Set goals for your child, such as using a pacifier only to sleep, and reward him for achieving those goals.

4. Positive affirmation works well with children over one year of age. So praise your child when he behaves like an older child.

5. Give yourself time for your child to abandon the habit of the pacifier, better to go little by little. Choose the best moment for him, always in a calm and relaxed situation, which does not coincide with major changes in his life or in family life that may affect him. If your child's teeth move, talk to the dentist for advice.

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