Short women have fewer problems in childbirth

Short women have fewer problems in childbirth

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Tell me how you are and I will tell you what your delivery will be like ... At least we can get an idea, although later the moment of delivery depends on many other factors. For example, if you are petite, the most normal thing is for your baby to be born with a small head, which can be a guarantee (in principle) of a delivery with fewer complications.

This is one of the conclusions some European anthropologists have reached after studying the morphology of some women and the relationship with their childbirth. In the study, it is established a connection between the height of the pregnant woman and the size of the head with the dimensions of the pelvis.

In this same study, (prepared by anthropologists from the University of Oslo and different European scholars and published in the journal PNAS), it is concluded that having a big head can also help at the time of expulsion. The reason: there is a close relationship between the size of the head and the measurements of the pelvic cavity. These anthropologists have found that women with larger heads also have wider pelvises.

Definitely, being short and having a big head can be ideal to ensure a less problematic delivery, although later there are many factors that intervene in delivery, such as the position of the baby at birth or the ease with which the mother dilates, some type of disease or various environmental factors.

The explanation of why women have a narrower birth canal than the 'ideal' has to do with the history of humanity and of course, the evolution of the human being. In the beginning, women (and men) walked with hands and feet. As he bent down, the pelvis was narrowed to facilitate locomotion. But at the same time, the human brain evolved and enlarged. Over time, the human ended up walking upright and the size of the head increased considerably. The pelvis of women were not prepared for that change.

The study makes sense, even more so if we take into account that head size is inherited (Although there are exceptions, of course). That is, women with large heads tend to have babies with large heads, so their bodies need a wider birth canal.

Women with small heads tend to have a more oval pelvis, which makes the moment of delivery more difficult. Much better to have a more rounded pelvis, typical of women of short stature.

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