The boy is going to sleep at his friend's house

School trips, camps, convivialities, pajama parties ... Perhaps you are already living in your family the moment when your son proposes to spend the night away from home. What would be your reaction? Would you rather that the little friend go to your house instead of your son going to sleep with his friend? Do you think it is too small? Do you think it will be an opportunity for your child to establish a special relationship with his friend or perhaps your child will use the occasion to relax his good behavior?

The reactions and responses are innumerable depends, of course, on each parent. Some will be delighted that their child can sleep in the house of a friend and enjoy a stimulating and motivating moment, others will think that perhaps it is an excellent opportunity to have a night for the couple alone, and others will not be happy that Your child wants to fly at such a tender age from the nest, even for one night (he won't get used to it).

When my 9-year-old son was offered the possibility of having a coexistence at school with friends, taking his sleeping bag and lying down in the mess in the gym, his eyes lit up. I did not doubt it for a moment when I saw his face, the answer was yes, although I must confess that had it been in other circumstances, the answer would have been the opposite. It all depends on whether the child really wants it and that we are not raised with doubts about the safety and degree of commitment of the adult or adults responsible for the mission, not having any doubt about where and with whom they will spend the night.

If so, our son will undoubtedly enjoy an unforgettable experience: first confidences, group games, pillow fight, learning to live together, participate in collective activities, meet his friends in other settings, establish lasting ties and complicity with Other children. Collecting this fruit can be of great benefit to him, but we must always know in advance and responsibly analyze the environment and circumstances so that they are appropriate to his age and personality.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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