Theatre for kids. Interview with Gladys Balaguer

The curtain rises and the performance begins! The theater conquers the interest and attention of children every day, and it is no wonder! Its benefits are countless. Gladys balaguer, director of a theater company has given an interview about children's theater to our site. She is a mother and a lover of theater, and she credits that theater provides profound and unforgettable experiences for children.

1- What does theater bring to children as spectators?

In the Theater, viewers not only see, experience, experiment, especially if they are children who are not subject to prejudice. They experience the play with you, so what the theater brings them are deep experiences that they do not forget, because part has been done with the energy, enthusiasm and intelligent innocence that each one of them brings. The Theater is a healthy, safe, beautiful and magic place where they experience great adventures, emotions, the beauty of language, conflict resolution, overcoming and identify with battles that are taking place within themselves for their growth. But we must not only look in utilitarian terms of "what is it for?" But the theater is part of the universal human reality and gives expression to this condition, so I would say that theater is inherent to man and therefore to each child .

2- How would you convince parents to take their children to the theater?

I am a mother, and to see my son's face after a good deed, and to be able to share how he tells you that he has lived it, how he even thinks it is bad or gets angry with some character for what he has done or asks you why such happens thing, or being able to remind him when he is afraid of the protagonist that he overcame his fear as he will. Hearing him then sing, days later, half confused, picking up one of the songs from his room, seeing how years later he remembers classics that made him laugh or how he even learns new words that he later uses, is fascinating. For all this, and not with great speeches that could be made, I would like to convince you as my son convinced me, and as I was convinced as a child by my first work, which I will never forget.

3- What feelings and values ​​does theater awaken in children?

Aristotle said that there were three values ​​that children should always have around them to grow harmoniously: Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Even today we rely on these premises in our educational plans. The Theater, being a mirror of the human being and the world, shows children these values ​​from which everyone else starts, and shows characters fighting for them, even with their fears, their ignorances, their logical errors, but in the end there is always a restored order of good, which they understand and which gives them security and confidence in themselves and in the world.

4- From what age is it advisable to take children to the theater?

It is never bad to go to the theater, but I consider that the ideal is from three years of age, before the child experiences everything through the mother, and it is from this age, when he begins to become aware of himself, He no longer says "Fulanito wants", he says for the first time "I want to". That is where his curiosity begins beyond his mother, family and close environment. Before there are shows adapted for babies, of colors and shapes, but to the theater as such, I would say that after three years of age, it will soon apprehend little and perhaps if there is music or darkness it may scare and create an impression.

5- As for theater school, for what type of children is learning theater suitable?

Theater should be a core subject and also be used much more in children's learning, since it involves all parts of the human being, thought, feelings and will as well as their social being. Through theater you can learn history, languages, language ... in an enjoyable, more comprehensive and effective way. The theater being inborn to man is good for all children. It is true that it can help the shy to overcome fears and get to know each other, but also the more energetic to channel their energy and put it at the service of a common work and of others. Theater is self-knowledge, awareness of life and we all need this in our development, just like children.

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