Ragged Bear fondant cake. Dessert recipes for kids

The Ragged Bear is one of the favorite pets of children. Our bear has told stories to the little ones, he has sung funny songs and even entertained them with his jokes and riddles. Therefore, It seems like a good idea to make a cake of our bear for the children or to surprise the little ones in the house.

Our friend Star Nunez, has helped us make this original and nice cake and also teaches us how to make it, step by step, so that you can make it at home for your children. Do you want to learn how to cook this Ragged Bear cake?

  • Chocolate cake
  • Fondant color flesh and pink
  • Brown, black and orange fondant
  • Rollers
  • Glue
  • Edible marker
  • 1 spaqueti or roll to stretch the dough
  • pizza cutter

Tips: If you wish, the cake does not have to be chocolate. You can make it with lemon, yogurt or whatever flavor your child likes best.

1. Line a brownie with flesh-colored fondant. To do this, you have to stretch the dough well with a rolling pin and then cover the cake by removing the excess end with a pizza cutter.

2. For the part of the Rag Bear's nose, you can cut out a piece of white fondant using a round lid. The ocean will be a black ball and the rest of the ocean will be painted with an edible marker. With a brown fondant roll we will make the mouth, and for the eyes we will make two white balls and on them we will incorporate two smaller black ones.

3. The Ragged Bear is made of pieces of fabric of different colors, to make them we use a fondant base on which we press colored strips by pressing with the roller. We will place the pieces of cloth on the cake and finally we will put the ocico, eyes and eyebrows.

4. To make the ears, we need a brown fondant ball and on it we glue another pink ball. With a spaqueti we join the ear with the cake. And we already have our special Rag Bear cake!

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