Stories for children. The mother goat and the seven little kids

Seven kids and their mother lived in a pretty little house in the forest. One day the mother goat had to go shopping in town and said to her children:

- My children, I am going to buy myself in town and when I return we will take a walk in the countryside. I will bring you exquisite food.

And all the kids happily said:

- Ok, mom !!

Before leaving home, the mother goat told them:

- As long as I don't arrive, don't open the door to anyone, okay children?

And the kids obediently said:

- Ok, mom !!

Outside the house, behind a tree he was hiding a fearsome wolf who watched as the mother goat came out with her house bag, leaving their children alone inside the house.

Minutes after the mother goat left the house, the wolf approached the door and giving a few knocks, TOC TOC TOC at the door of the kids' house, said:

- I'm your mom and I bring you good food. Can you open the door for me?

Recognizing the voice of the wolf, the kids screamed:

- NOOO ... you are not our mother. You are the wolf !!!

Disappointed, the wolf left and approached a nearby farm, eating dozens and dozens of eggs to clarify and soften his voice. And he returned to the house of the kids: TOC TOC TOC ... And with a soft voice he said:

- Children, I'm your mother, can you open the door for me?

Not convinced that it was his mother, the kids told him:

- If you are our mother, then show us your paw.

The wolf did not hesitate to show them its black, furry paw under the door. And the kids said:

- NOOOO ... You are the wolf !!!

Disgruntled, the wolf went to a miller's house and asked for a sack of flour. He put a little foot in the flour to be whitened and went again to the house of the kids: TOC TOC TOC ... And he said:

- Children, I am your mother and I bring you very exquisite food from the town. Open the door!

The kids said to him again:

- If you are our mother, then show us your paw.

The wolf showed his paw well coated in flour under the door and the kids said:

- This time you really are mom! And they opened the door.

The wolf rushed into the house and started running to catch up with the kids. The kids ran off and each hid in a different place.

At this moment, a hunter was passing by who, hearing all the noise of voices, entered the house and was about to kill the wolf when the animal ran out scared and afraid, begging the hunter not to kill him and swearing that I would never go back there. After a while the mother goat arrived and found the door open and the house empty.

- Oh, my children! Surely the wolf has taken them all.

It was then that all the kids, one by one, came out of their hiding place, to the joy of the mother goat. The hunter explained everything that had happened. And then, as a thank you to the hunter, the mother goat and her kids prepared a great party where they could eat the delicious food that the mother goat had bought in the town market.


This tale was written by the Brothers Grimm.

Moral: that children should never open the door of the house to strangers and that appearances are often deceiving.

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