Theseus and the Minotaur. Tales of Greek mythology for children

Theseus and the Minotaur. Tales of Greek mythology for children

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Greek mythology can be a bit difficult for a child to understand. So in Guiainfantil we are adapting the most popular mythological legends in the form of short stories accessible to children. This is how they learn the germ of Western culture in a fun way.

Theseus He is one of the most famous and bravest Greek heroes. One of his adventures takes place in Crete in the very Labyrinth of the Minotaur. Theseus was the hero who ended the danger of this half-bull half-human monster, yes, with the help of the thread of Ariadna.

In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea is the island of Crete, a magic island for all the adventures that have been lived there with heroes, monsters and beings as magical as the island itself. The island of Crete is where the famous labyrinth of Daedalus was located, a labyrinth built to enclose the Minotaur and where he could not get out.

When the Cretans locked up the Minotaur in the labyrinth without exit they thought that the danger was over, but it was not. The labyrinth magically attracted some people who forgot about the Minotaur and wandered into the labyrinth alleys. Logically, they never left there, because as soon as the Minotaur found one of those people lost in the labyrinth, he immediately devoured them.

So they decided that the Mintauro had to be killed and that could only be done by a hero. They called the most famous hero of that time, Theseus, and they told him what to do.

-Theseus, you have to enter the maze, fight with the monster and kill it so that it doesn't eat more people.

- I'm not afraid to fight him MinotaurBut how am I going to get out after the maze? - he asked Theseus.

It was the princess of Crete, the young and ingenious Ariadna the one that offered him the solution.

- If I help you out of the labyrinth will you marry me? - said the princess Ariadna.

Y TheseusOf course, he replied that he would marry her happily. But it is not quite believed that the young woman knew how to get out of the labyrinth.

Sometimes skill is better than strength and to kill the Minotaur it took the strength I had Theseus, but to get out of the labyrinth what was needed was the intelligence of Ariadna.

- Take this ball of yarn and unscrew it. I will hold it from the other side and wait for you at the entrance of the labyrinth- he said Ariadna to Theseus.

Theseus he entered the maze and was unscrewing the thread. When he met him Minotaur, did not hesitate and they fought until the monster was dead on the ground. The rest was simple, thanks to Ariadna. Theseus only had to follow the path that he had marked with the thread to find the exit of the labyrinth.

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