Celebrities showing photos of their children on social media

Celebrities showing photos of their children on social media

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We are receiving more and more recommendations from experts about the dangers of showing photos of our children on social networks. Thus, while anonymous people try preserve the privacy of our children And every time we put less photos of them in our profiles, some celebrities like Shakira, Ricky Martin or Brad Pitt have no qualms about showing the world their offspring even from their first hours of life.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué, have just published on their Baby Shower with UNICEF page the photo of his second son: Sacha. This attitude is not a novelty in the couple, they have also shown the image of Milan, their first child, not only on countless public and private occasions, but also in one of Shakira's music videos.

Ricky Martin is another of those famous stars around the world who has no qualms about bringing out the face of his twins: Valentino and Matteo. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have come to attend their movie premieres with their extended family and have posed for the cameras with all of them. Other famous like Will Smith, Iker Casillas, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Beckham have published and continue to publish photos of their children on their social media profiles without fear of what might happen. Others, however, show a hand, a foot or the child from behind in an attempt to get their fans to see a little bit of their private lives without exposing their children to dangers and inconveniences such as:

- that are morphing victims: a practice according to which a photomontage is made with the image of the child and a pornographic photo.

- expose children to those obsessed fans or people with mental disorders who often hang around or stalk celebrities, so they have to carry bodyguards.

- they do not have the permission of children, perhaps when they grow up reproach them for exposing them to the public in this way because they prefer to be anonymous.

- They will not be able to go down the street anonymously and quietly or to the park, to the movies or to the theme parks, even if they do not go with their parents, since everyone knows them and they will be attracting the eyes of the whole world.

On the other hand, there are other celebrities who are very jealous of their privacy and not only forbid showing images of their children while they are minors, but they keep them completely away from the lights and cameras.

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