The carnival of the animals. Classical music for kids

Children and adults enjoy Carnival. It is a party to dress up, dance, sing and live with joy. In Brazil, they take to the streets and celebrate it to the rhythm of samba, in Spain there are comparsas that go through the cities with floats and dances and in Venice, they dress up with eighteenth-century costumes and handmade masks. It's about enjoying and having fun.

Music is very present at Carnival And although samba has become the queen of all the melodies that sound during parties, there are others that have been dreaming for many years, as many as more than 200.

French composer Camille Saint-Saƫns composed a famous suite entitled The carnival of the animalsin 1886. It is a piece composed for flute, piano, harmonica, xylophone, violin, viola, cello and double bass. The author thought that he had created such frivolous music that he only played it in private performances and left a provision for it to be published after his death. In this way, The carnival of the animals, it was only released a year after the author's death.

It is an ideal melody to bring children closer to classical music since each of the movements represents a different animal, all done with great ingenuity. The lion is played by strings and pianos trying to imitate its roar. The piano also imitates the slow movement of turtles or the cackling of chickens.

Through classical music children can express themselves, imagine, feel ... They are not, as many believe, melodies only for adults, in fact, experts recommend putting Baroque classical music such as Bach or Mozart during pregnancy for the baby inside the womb to relax.

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