Menu for children with lactose intolerance

Children who do not tolerate lactose have problems digesting foods such as milk, yogurt, hamburgers, sliced ​​bread ... in short, all foods that incorporate cow's milk with lactose.

Symptoms of a lactose intolerant child range from stomachaches to diarrhea and vomiting. Although sometimes there are hardly any symptoms, since some children only feel heartburn.

If your child is lactose intolerant, you should take care of your diet. That is why we propose weekly and detailed menus according to the season of the year in which you are, so that the child does not lack any essential nutrient and can develop and grow normally, without any deficiency, since there are many foods that can substitute to dairy products.

Menu for spring. Children with intolerance to milk should be especially careful with what they eat, especially in spring. Therefore, parents must prepare a menu according to their needs. We offer you a sample, a weekly menu that you can use to offer your child a balanced diet without having to take any food with lactose.

Menu for the summer. Children with lactose intolerance should watch their diet. There are many foods that can substitute for dairy. We propose a weekly menu so that you can learn to combine foods and prepare a complete menu for your child with lactose intolerance.

Menu for fall. Autumn menu for lactose intolerant children. Children with a lactose allergy must take special care in their diet. We offer you a detailed weekly menu to serve as a reference and give you ideas when preparing your child's menu.

Menu for winter. Children with lactose intolerance have to watch their diet. There are foods that can replace dairy without problems and many others that can already be purchased without lactose. We offer you a special menu for lactose intolerant children for the winter season.

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