The advantages of being a large family in Spain

Talking about a large family in Spain, and in these times, it seems complicated, in the last 5 years the decline in the birth rate has fallen by 18% more, even so there are those who decide to do so.

The average number of children per couple is currently 1.26 children, and to alleviate this situation and promote procreation there are a series of state and regional aid that we explain below.

There are many and varied aids for large families in Spain, from transportation, assistance or education. In addition, as of January 2015, large families with three or four children will receive a tax aid of 1200 euros per year, being double if the number of children is five.

Home assistance: Large families will receive a bonus of 45% of the Social Security contribution when hiring a support person at home. But while in families with 3 and 4 children it is an essential requirement that both parents work, in those with 5 children or more this condition is not required.

Education: Large families will have preference when applying for scholarships or admission processes, in addition to the consequent discounts or exemptions from fees. In addition, the children of large families will have a 50% discount or total free of charge on university enrollment in public universities.

Transport: Large families will enjoy a discount of 20% in general category and 50% especially in sea, train or bus transport. In addition to 5% or 10% on airline tickets for national destinations.

Paternity: Large families will be able to enjoy paternity leave extended to 20 days.

In the autonomic aid it depends a lot on the Autonomous Community to which it belongs, but there are marked scales or limits by which they must be governed and which are the following.

Taxes: Tax relief in the regional income section. Discount on Real Estate Tax (IBI). Reduction of 7 to 4% in the property transfer tax.

Water: Discount of up to 20% on the water bill (depends on each town hall and autonomous community).

Sport activities: Discount between 10 and 50% in sports facilities.

Diego Fernandez. Editor of our site

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