The dream that parents lose the first year of the baby

Did you know that newborn babies sleep between 16 and 20 hours? This can lead those who have not been parents to think that they have a lot of free time to do other tasks, and above all, to be able to sleep properly. Nothing is further from reality!

Obviously, all those hours of sleep are not carried out continuously by the baby, and sometimes, it is about naps so short that not only can we not do our usual tasks but sleeping well becomes an impossible mission. So much so that during the first year of the baby's life it is estimated that parents lose up to 700 hours of sleep.

The European Institute for Sleep Quality (ESCI) has prepared a study that indicates that the first twelve months of a baby's life represent a loss of sleep of more than 700 hours for parentsOr put another way, almost two hours less sleep each night.

Today, with a five-month-old baby, I have a sleep debt of more than 300 hours, which is said soon. Normally everyone advises you to use the time that the baby spends sleeping during the day to take a nap, however, it costs me horrors to fall asleep at 10 in the morning if the baby woke up at 6, or to take a nap in the afternoon , when my other children need me to do their homework or play with them. There is no escape because the first year of the baby's life will accompany us with dark circles, a thermos of coffee to keep us fresh and a good dose of patience because, not sleeping can become a real torture.

The baby's sleep is divided into four stages and they always obey the same order: REM sleep (lighter and shorter) and NON-REM sleep (deeper and longer). All babies go through cycles of shallow and deep sleep during the same night. As the baby grows, it is normal for REM dreams to decrease and NON-REM dreams to increase.

When will my baby sleep through the night? How do I get him to sleep longer?... These are questions that many parents, exhausted by so many sleepless nights, ask ourselves. There are no infallible remedies since up to two or three years, it is normal for babies to have nocturnal awakenings, however, there are small rituals that can help us to adopt good sleep habits. To do this, we have to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere at night or always adopt the same routine so that the baby knows that after bathing and dinner, it is time to sleep.

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