Baby names that rhyme with other names

In our Questions and Answers section one of the most repeated questions among parents is not only: what name do I give my baby? But What name that rhymes with this name can I give it?

Many people decide to register the baby with two names, but they are also excited that both have a sound or a rhythm that is beautiful when pronouncing it. It is about choosing original names or names that combine with each other.

Some parents when they choose two names for their children, reserve one of the two to honor a loved one. They put the name of their favorite grandfather, a brother who is gone or a friend who left a mark in their life.

However, more and more dads are looking for sonorous names that match each other. They don't care so much about the meaning as the rhyme. For them, it is not the same to call their daughter Gabriela Marta than Gabriela Marcela. They are moms and dads who seek sound and rhyme in the name of their children.

GuiaInfantil receives many doubts from parents regarding the name of their children and many of them are questions of the type: 'Do you think the name Manuel matches Sergio?', 'Do you think Carla Paula is beautiful?'. And it is that, it is not a trivial question, the name or the names of a person, they are their letter of introduction to the world, names speak about people, identify us and are part of us. A badly chosen name will accompany us throughout our lives and will make us twist our faces every time we have to introduce ourselves and one that we like will give us security and confidence.

What names have you given your children and what has been the reason? Share it with other parents.

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