Plasticine shepherd. Christmas crafts for kids

The shepherds They are part of the portal of Bethlehem, they arrived accompanied by their sheep and were the first to pay homage to the Child Jesus. That is why the figures of shepherds cannot be missing in our homemade plasticine nativity scene.

In this tutorial teaches you to make, step by step, the figure of a plasticine shepherd. It is a simple activity for children that encourages them to use their imagination and improves their coordination, as well as being ideal for entertaining in Christmas.

  • Pink plasticine
  • Red plasticine
  • White plasticine
  • Black plasticine

1. For the body of the shepherd, we will make three balls of plasticine: a slightly flattened red one for the lower part, a larger one in black that is placed on top and finally a smaller ball in pink for the head.

2. To make the shepherd's hair, take a ball of black plasticine, flatten it with your fingers and put it on the head.

3. To make the bodies, shape two strips of pink plasticine and put them on the sides of the body. To complete the details of the face: make two white balls and flatten them, in the center put two smaller black balls, they will be the eyes. The mouth is made with a strip of red plasticine, and don't forget the buttons, they can be made with white balls and placed on the body.

4. To complete the pastor, don't forget the cane! Shape a strip of black or brown plasticine, curving one end, and put it in your hand.

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