The doubts of women in the postpartum

The doubts of women in the postpartum

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Postpartum is a sweet and sour time for women. Sweet, because after nine months, the new mom finally has her baby in her arms. Bitter, because it is not an easy stage for women. In addition to the physical pain, fears and emotional fatigue are added, which affects the woman's mood and strength.

Suddenly motherhood doesn't seem like a bed of roses. Along with the pain of the wrong, those of the episiotomy and the consequences of epidural anesthesia, certain doubts and fears appear: being able to breastfeed the newborn, understand his cries, heal the baby's navel, try to sleep.

Postpartum is a great test for women. Even more so in the case of new mothers. The fatigue that creeps in after childbirth is compounded by hormonal changes that lead to sudden changes in mood. But what are the things that keep women awake during this stage? The matron Rita Salvador, de Cummater tells us that the mother's protective instinct makes them have to do with the newborn:

'Mothers care a lot about that the baby is feeding correctly and that they can develop breastfeeding if it is their choice. '

The newborn feeding it is the main concern of women after childbirth. Being able to breastfeed the baby correctly. For this reason, the main problems in the postpartum stage have to do with breastfeeding: doubts about whether the baby is feeding well, if he is sucking correctly, if he can latch onto the breast, if he is drinking enough milk. Breast discomfort, such as mastitis or cracks in the nipple, may also appear.

However, postpartum problems are not just the doubts and discomfort that come with breastfeeding. Rita Salvador She tells us that women are also very concerned about getting back to their previous life:

'Then, at the mother level, the return to normal functions from day to day and being able to manage the care of the newborn and of themselves'.

Regaining figure and weight, dedicating a few minutes a day to personal care, recovering your relationship with your partner, fighting against fatigue and sudden changes in mood ... Without a doubt, a complex stage but full of stimuli for the woman.

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