Play kite flying with children

Play kite flying with children

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Everything, or everything, can be used to play with children. They like to play with the water, with the earth, and also with the air. And why not? One of my best childhood memories is when we used to make kites at my house. I think that's why everything that flies attracts me, especially: butterflies, birds, ...

You don't need to have special skills to ride a kite. In addition, its price is usually very affordable in toy stores. Nor does it take outstanding effort to make it fly, just persistence and will. Playing to fly with a kite is cheap and brings many benefits mainly to the smallest of the house. It motivates them to run, to move from one place to another, to have patience and perseverance, it helps them to strengthen their bones, and to be more in contact with nature.

To fly a kite, children will need the cooperation of another person, a friend, their father or mother. While this person holds the kite in an upright position, away from the ground, the child, with the string in hand, should start running, and when they reach about 10 or 15 meters, the person holding the kite should release it. The longer the string, the higher the kite will fly once launched. Flying a kite is both a game and a sport. In fact, there are very important competitions in this regard.

The story goes that kites were born in ancient China, around 1,200 BC. The Chinese used them as a military signaling device. The movements and colors of the kites were messages that were communicated in the distance between military detachments. In Europe, by the 12th century, children were already playing with kites to which they added strings to make them sound. The kite was even used by the American inventor, Benjamin Franklin, to investigate lightning and invent the lightning rod. Today, the kite remains popular with children of all cultures.

So if one weekend you don't know what to play with your child, try making or buying him a kite, and together you can fly it and have a good time. The ideal is to deploy kites in open and windy places, in the field or on the beach, for example. For both children and adults, flying kites is a good physical exercise and a good pastime.

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