Children's stories about adoption

Children's stories about adoption

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Telling stories that talk about adoption is a good alternative and option for children to understand what adoption is. Books are ideal tools for explaining all topics to children. has selected a series of books that talk about adoption. Adoption in China, Colombia, etc.

Miquel M. Gibert
One morning in September we received a very special call: they told us that your name was Litang and that you were waiting for us in China.

Litang was born in China. Her parents and her sister María were waiting for her impatiently and very excited. This story is repeated every day in our country and this story tries to verify the need to explain this reality in a natural way and with all the commitment that adoption implies. The appendix that is added at the end is a very interesting analysis aimed at fathers and mothers signed by Mercè Vilaseca. Essential and necessary.

Marta Zafrilla Diaz
"It is true that most chicks have mother hens, that puppies have dog parents, elephants elephant families and ants have ant daughters, but there are different families. Mine, for example. Being different is great! I am a chick And my mom is a cat. And I love it! Few understand that for me having a mom cat is the most fun in the world. Mom jogs, she has little mustaches with which she tickles me, a beautiful tail and very very soft hair. What more could I ask for? Do you want to know my story? "

Monica Montoriol

"I came from ..." wants to make the need to explain their origins to adopted children natural and fluid.

Albert Elfa

"When you were not yet born, your mother and I were already thinking about having a second child: we would have it and we would go to Russia to look for it. We already had you inside us."

Anna Canals

"Your story, Medina, started a long, long time ago. Dad and Mom we wanted to have you. And we wanted you to come and go from Ethiopia."

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