How to draw a drawing of a rooster step by step

How to draw a drawing of a rooster step by step

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Learn to draw farm animals with these fun drawings to do with children. You can draw, color and cut out the image to create your own cardboard farm.

Follow these simple steps and learn to draw this cute rooster with your children. You can also print the drawing to paint it and decorate it to your liking to have the real head of the pen.

1. Take a black marker and a piece of cardboard and draw the head and body of the rooster.

2. Then paint one eye, the beak, the crest, and the two legs.

3. When you have the face done, draw the huge tail of the rooster.

4. To finish, you can take a red marker and color the crest and the appendages below the beak.

Video: How to draw a Rooster. Easy Drawing. Love Carlos (July 2022).


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